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Talent To Know Now: Chakshyn

Talent To Know Now: Chakshyn

ORDRE caught up with Chakshyn designers Dima Chayun and Anton Yakshyn to talk feminine power dressing and their expansion into jewellery.

Launching a label was a lifelong dream for Ukrainian designers Dima Chayun and Anton Yakshyn. Both art degree graduates, they crossed paths on Kievโ€™s local fashion circuit โ€“ Chayun a stylist and editor, Yakshyn a graphic designer and art director โ€“ and launched Chakshyn in 2015. โ€œOur visions are well aligned, and we have great synergy when it comes to design, so our work is truly a creative exchange of ideas,โ€ says Chayun.

The brand debuted at Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days in September 2015 with a collection exploring the dualities of femininity and masculinity. โ€œWe interpret and fuse masculine and feminine cues and attempt to demonstrate how the two are, in a way, interconnected,โ€ explains Yakshyn. A concept now at the brandโ€™s core, for SSโ€™19 they juxtaposed sharp tailoring with womenswear staples, mixing in references from traditional 18th-century costume.

This vision has proven successful for the brand thus far: Chayun reveals a 15 percent sales growth season on season, with some of their best-sellers including trench coats, outerwear and transformative pieces. He adds that their recent foray into statement jewellery โ€“ including drop earrings and hoops with natural pearls โ€“ has also been a major hit: โ€œOur first pieces gained a lot of momentum and are selling well; jewellery is now a really important part of each Chakshyn collection.โ€

Nadine Sacre, founder and buyer of Chakshynโ€™s latest online stockist โ€“ Paris-based boutique Leneuf34 โ€“ echoes this positive outlook, disclosing that the brand is one of their most popular: โ€œChakshyn is one of the most viewed and visited brands in our portfolio and maintains a steady sale rate.โ€ It was also one of the first labels to sell when the boutique launched in early 2018.

There is a growing trend for masculine meets feminine dressing

The buyer goes on to attribute much of this success to Chakshynโ€™s versatile deconstructed pieces: โ€œThe unique silhouettes empower customers to modify and personalise pieces like classic blazers, simply by switching a button or detaching a cuff,โ€ she says. Some of their top-sellers, as outlined by Sacre, include an asymmetric deconstructed wool skirt (โ‚ฌ382), an elegant pinstripe office blazer (โ‚ฌ590) and a workwear trench coat updated with feminine cuffs (โ‚ฌ744).

Praising the labelโ€™s masculine inspired cuts that embody a powerful feminine attitude, a style highly valued by her customers, Sacre explains: โ€œThere is a growing trend for masculine meets feminine dressing, and Chakshyn delivers on this promise. They have created a relevant story that everyone wants to hear, and even more so, to be a part of.โ€

Chakshynโ€™s global stockists are growing steadily, enhancing this healthy online presence. While a number of retailers in Asia and the Middle East have supported the brand since launch โ€“ such as Nass in Kuwait and Asylum X in Bahrain โ€“ Yakshyn notes that they are gaining ground in Europe: โ€œInitially our biggest markets were Asia and the Middle East, but now we are experiencing a lot of interest from clients in London, Paris and Berlin.โ€

Other than building their reach in new markets, the designers hope to develop a more global brand voice and image. โ€œWe want our aesthetic to be relatable to women all over the world,โ€ says Chayun. Fans of the brand will also be happy to hear that another accessories line could be on the cards soon: โ€œIn 2019, we are also looking into creating a footwear range.โ€ And given the success of their jewellery line this is surely a wise move.

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